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Sanguina Launches AnemoCheck Home, the First FDA-Cleared Home Hemoglobin Test Kit

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Sanguina announces FDA clearance for AnemoCheck Home, the only FDA-cleared home hemoglobin test kit. Empowering individuals with anemia, this innovative solution offers convenient, accurate, and accessible monitoring of hemoglobin levels from the comfort of home. AnemoCheck Home requires a simple fingerstick blood test, providing reliable results within minutes without additional equipment. Learn more at

Introducing the Inaugural Cohort of Lab2Launch Residents!

We are thrilled to announce the first resident-startups of Lab2Launch, a new incubator at Emory University that enables early-stage biotech companies to develop or commercialize Emory IP. The companies that are moving to Lab2Launch are pushing the boundary of science and span a broad spectrum of biomedical innovation areas, including therapeutics, vaccine development, and imaging.

Learn more about our initial six companies below:

  • Emtherapro, led by CEO Kiran Pandey, PhD, has developed a multi-omics platform that advances precision medicine for Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases.
  • MIGRA Therapeutics, led by President Lily Yang, MD, PhD, brings a cutting-edge drug delivery platform that precisely targets advanced and drug-resistant human cancers.
  • Cambium Oncology, led by Co-Founder Edmund K. Waller, MD, PhD, is developing a VIP-receptor antagonist drug that aims to restore the body’s immune response against cancer.
  • OncoSpherix, led by President & CEO Margaret K. Offermann, MD, PhD, is developing an innovative approach targeting hypoxia inducible factors (HIFs), a common feature in solid tumors, to suppress tumor growth with precision.
  • Pneumotactix, led by CEO Amy Leidy Paschall, PhD, is focused on developing therapeutics and vaccines to bolster patient resistance to pneumococcal infections.
  • Camerad Technologies, led by President Carson A. Wick, PhD, is pioneering a point-of-care patient photograph solution to enhance radiology studies within vital clinical context.

By joining the Lab2Launch community, innovators gain capital-efficient access to a well-equipped laboratory, programming, and networking opportunities in support of their business and technical goals. Speaking on becoming a Lab2Launch resident, Dr. Offermann said, “…We feel very fortunate that we will be working in the new Lab2Launch space, close to our Emory collaborators and surrounded by other entrepreneurs who are advancing technologies developed at Emory.”

Dr. Pandey shares similar thoughts, “As a startup that originated out of Emory, joining Lab2Launch was an easy decision for us. Besides providing world-class facilities and access to a variety of resources critical for early-stage companies, Lab2Launch makes it easy to network with world-class experts and fellow entrepreneurs, facilitates the exchange of ideas and resources, and fosters a sense of community.”

Lab2Launch is currently vetting new applicants for residency. If you would like to learn more about the program and the application process, visit the incubator page here.

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Exciting News from Our Portfolio Company, Dr. Noze Best!

We are thrilled to share a significant achievement from our portfolio company, Dr. Noze Best. It’s official – their pediatrician-approved nasal aspirator for children is available at Target!

At Dr. Noze Best, their dedication to children’s well-being and development shines through. With this innovative nasal aspirator, they are making it easier than ever for families to provide gentle and effective care for their little ones.

Learn more about Dr. Noze Best on their website.

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