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Announcing the 2024-2025 Biolocity Awardees: Pioneering Innovations in Biotechnology

Biolocity is thrilled to announce the awardees for the 2024-2025 cycle, which recognizes groundbreaking innovations in biotechnology and medical research. This year, our awardees represent some of the most promising advancements in their respective fields, each with the potential to significantly impact healthcare and biomanufacturing.

Biolocity identifies projects through an annual, multi-stage application process designed to support university innovators with pitch coaching, market assessments, and competitive analysis, fostering commercial success. Throughout the application stages, faculty members collaborate with entrepreneur advisors to mitigate risks associated with their technology. An oversight committee comprising venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, clinicians, biomedical engineers, and university technology transfer experts makes the final selection of the cohort. 

This year’s cohort features: 

Bright QCEST Imaging
Principal Investigator: Phillips Sun, Ph.D. (Emory) 

Bright QCEST Imaging is at the forefront of molecular imaging, developing QCEST MRI technology to standardize and quantify molecular imaging. Dr. Phillips Sun’s project aims to revolutionize MR spectroscopy, offering unparalleled precision and reliability in diagnostic imaging. This innovation can potentially transform the landscape of medical diagnostics, enabling more accurate detection and monitoring of various diseases. 

Principal Investigator: A. Fatih Sariouglu, Ph.D. (Georgia Tech) 

Cytodit introduces an autonomous, cell analytical quality-control platform for biomanufacturing workflows. Under the guidance of Dr. A. Fatih Sariouglu, this technology promises to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of cell analysis in biomanufacturing processes. By automating quality control, Cytodit aims to ensure higher consistency and reliability in biomanufactured products, paving the way for advancements in regenerative medicine and cell therapy. 

Principal Investigators: Khalid Salaita, Ph.D. and Roman Sniecinski, MD (Emory) 

MCATS for HIT represents a novel diagnostic test for heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT), utilizing cellular traction forces. Dr. Khalid Salaita and Dr. Roman Sniecinski lead this innovative project, which seeks to simplify and improve the accuracy of HIT diagnostics. This test can be performed in any clinical lab, making it a valuable tool for widespread clinical use and ensuring timely and accurate diagnosis of HIT, a potentially life-threatening condition. 

Water Bear Bio
Principal Investigators: Jesse Waggoner, MD & David R. Myers, Ph.D. (Emory) 

RNAES is developing a unique solution for RNA and DNA extraction and ambient temperature storage. Led by Dr. Jesse Waggoner and Dr. David R. Myers, this project aims to simplify genetic material handling and preservation, crucial for research and clinical diagnostics. By enabling ambient temperature storage, RNAES could reduce costs and logistical challenges associated with cold storage, making genetic testing and research more accessible worldwide. 

Urearetics for HFpEF
Principal Investigators: John Calvert, Ph.D., Eric Otlund, Ph.D.,  & Yanhua Wang, Ph.D. (Emory) 

The Urearetics for HFpEF project focuses on developing a new treatment option for Heart Failure with preserved Ejection Fraction (HFpEF). This multi-disciplinary team, including Dr. John Calvert, Dr. Eric Otlund, Dr. Jeff Sands, Dr. Janet Klein, and Dr. Yanhua Wang, is pioneering the use of Urearetics to address this challenging and often treatment-resistant condition. Their work holds promise for improving the quality of life and outcomes for HFpEF patients. 

Biolocity is proud to support these visionary projects and their dedicated investigators. These innovations exemplify our commitment to advancing biomedical technologies and improving healthcare outcomes. We look forward to the progress and breakthroughs these projects will undoubtedly achieve in the coming year. 

Stay tuned for more updates on these exciting projects and other Biolocity initiatives. Together, we continue to break boundaries in biotech and pave the way for a healthier future. 

Congratulations to all the 2024-2025 Biolocity awardees! 

NephroDI Secures a Series A Investment

NephroDI Therapeutics

We congratulate our portfolio team, NephroDI Therapeutics, on their recent milestone! NephroDI Therapeutics has announced a significant Series A investment by Sound Bioventures to accelerate the development of NDI-5001, a groundbreaking potential first-in-class therapy for pediatric orphan kidney disease.

This new funding will be instrumental in taking NDI-5001 into and through clinical proof of concept in treating Congenital Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus (NDI). This devastating genetic condition affects individuals from birth, leading to life-altering challenges such as producing large volumes of dilute urine daily and requiring excessive water intake to prevent dehydration.

With this investment and a previously announced strategic corporate partnership, NephroDI is poised to advance NDI-5001, a proprietary small molecule AMPK activator, into the clinic later this year. NDI-5001 has already received Orphan Drug Designation and Rare Pediatric Disease designation, making it eligible for the Priority Review Voucher by the FDA’s Office of Orphan Products Development.

Learn more and read the full press release at

Andson Biotech Raises $3.6M in Seed Round Funding

Andson Biotech

Andson Biotech secures $3.6M in equity financing, propelling the development of their groundbreaking DynaCHIP mass spec sample prep solution. Led by CEO Mason Chilmonczyk, the funding will accelerate market introduction and support the creation of DynaMARK, advancing cell and gene therapy analytics. With a mission to revolutionize mass spectrometry, Andson Biotech is poised for impactful innovation in biotherapeutics and chemical analysis. Learn more at Andson Biotech’s website.

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