What is Biolocity?

A philanthropic, multi-institutional program supporting and accelerating the commercialization of early-stage medical technologies with intellectual property held at Emory University and/or Georgia Institute of Technology.

What does Biolocity fund?

Biolocity provides a combination of funding, project management, and consulting resources to early-stage technologies that address an unmet clinical need and have compelling commercial potential.  This includes innovations within any clinical discipline with the ability to impact patient health.

What are the eligibility criteria for Biolocity funding?
  • Technology must positively impact human health with compelling evidence for commercial potential
  • Two principal investigators preferred – one technical expert and one clinical expert
  • At least one principal investigator must be affiliated with Emory University or Georgia Tech
  • Intellectual property right must be held (at least in part) by either Emory University or Georgia Tech
How long are projects funded?

Typically, funding lasts six to 12 months with grant duration determined by project milestones with the option of a no-cost extension. No-cost extension requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and are not a guarantee.

What types of technologies does Biolocity fund?

We fund projects that have the ability to impact human health.  Typically, these projects are categorized as the following: medical devices, drug delivery, therapeutics, cell manufacturing, and health IT/digital health.

How many projects does Biolocity fund each year?

We typically fund 5-7 projects per year.

When does the funding cycle open?

The funding cycle opens at the end of October, and we currently have one funding cycle per year.

What is the application process for the Biolocity Fund?

Biolocity offers one funding cycle per year, and a request for proposals is released in late-October each year.  Participation is by invitation only and funding is typically awarded by July 1st.  Below are the stages of the funding cycle.

  • Schedule a meeting with the Biolocity team to discuss project’s potential
  • Invitation to submit a pre-proposal application
  • Invitation to present a mini (5-minute) pitch to the Biolocity Oversight Committee
  • Invitation to submit a full proposal application
  • Invitation to present a full (10-minute) pitch to the Biolocity Oversight Committee
What is the evaluation criteria?

 Technologies are evaluated based on the probability of future commercial success and the following criteria:

  • Validity of unmet clinical need
  • Competitive landscape
  • Current and future market dynamics
  • Strength and nature of intellectual property
  • Addressability of regulatory risk
  • Nature of reimbursement landscape
  • High probability of attracting follow-on funding within 2-3 years of receiving an award
What is BARDA DRIVe?

Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) expanded their Division of Research, Innovation, and Ventures (DRIVe) to stimulate investment and innovation in health security products and technologies. DRIVe provides technical and financial resources to entrepreneurs whose ideas have the potential to transform emergency preparedness, detection, and response.

Biolocity was selected as one of 13 sites in the DRIVe accelerator network to identify inventors and connect them with resources that will enable earlier treatment and warning for communities against outbreaks.

What are BARDA’s current Areas of Interest (AOI)?

BARDA’s current AOIs can be found here.

Does Biolocity have a mailing list?

Yes, we do. You can join our general mailing list here. Stay connected with current Biolocity news here.

What if I have a technology that I believe has commercialization potential, but it’s outside of the funding cycle. Do I have to wait until the next funding cycle?

No, we have technology meetings with project teams throughout the year. While funding may not be available until the next funding cycle, connecting with our team and experts in residence could help direct the next steps and offer a new perspective on commercialization potential of your project/technology. Schedule a technology meeting with our team here.

Who do I contact if I have any questions about Biolocity?

Email us at biolocity@nullgatech.edu with any questions.

Can we connect with you on social media?

Yes, please do! You can find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Can I view Biolocity’s portfolio?

Yes, you can view our portfolio here.

Does Biolocity have an Oversight Committee?

Yes, we do! The Biolocity Oversight Committee serves as both an advisory council and decision-making board to select funded projects. The committee consists of clinical, industry, regulatory, investment, and entrepreneurial veterans with relevant technology and medical expertise, along with partner university technology transfer leaders. You can view the members here.

What is Lab2Launch?

Lab2Launch is a flexible and low-cost co-working and wet laboratory space for Emory-affiliated start-up companies developing promising technologies that improve patient health.

Lab2Launch provides capital-efficient access to a well-rounded laboratory infrastructure, removing barriers for innovative scientist-entrepreneurs to launch and grow new ventures and generate the proof-of-concept they need to expand their technology and team.

What are the benefits of joining Lab2Launch?

Lab2Launch is equipped with top-of-the-line instrumentation. Users will also have access to state-of-the- art core facilities at Emory, including but not limited to tissue culture, flow cytometry, and mass spec.

Lab residents will have access to 48 lab benches, 6 flexible an shared procedure rooms, 3 Novel Technology private suites, 2 main shared equipment corridors outfitted with a cold room, and 1 fume hood alcove. Building amenities include a café, shared breakroom, commuter shower facilities, lactation rooms, collaboration areas, and more!

What is the application process for Lab2Launch?

Companies interested in participating in Lab2Launch will apply for admittance and provide:

  • Current business plan
  • Financial statements including balance sheet and income statement
  • Statement of ownership of Company
  • Names of members of board of directors (or board of managers)
  • Employment data including names of employees
Who should I contact if I am interested in lab space or have questions about Lab2Launch?

If you are interested in co-working or wet lab space, contact Harry Gerard, Lab2Launch Manager at lab2launch@nullemory.edu.

How much is lab space in Lab2Launch?

Contact Harry Gerard, Lab2Launch Manager, at lab2launch@nullemory.edu for more information and a rate sheet.

Are there opportunities for students to get involved with Biolocity?

Yes, we have an internship program. Read more about it here.