Our next annual request for proposals to fund university biomedical innovations opens in the Fall. The application process is multi-staged and if selected to continue through the full cycle, applicants will prepare a proposal with commercialization milestones, a corresponding budget, and present two pitch presentations to the Biolocity Oversight Committee.

Application Stages

  1. Schedule a consultation meeting with the Biolocity team to discuss project’s potential 
  2. Invitation to submit a pre-proposal application
  3. Invitation to present a mini (5-minute) pitch to the Biolocity Oversight Committee
  4. Invitation to submit a full proposal application 
  5. Invitation to present a full (10-minute) pitch to the Biolocity Oversight Committee


  • Intellectual property rights must be held (at least in part) by one of our partner institutions:
    • Emory University
    • Georgia Institute of Technology
  • At least one principal investigator must be affiliated with Emory or Georgia Tech
  • Technology must positively impact human health with compelling evidence for commercial potential
  • Two principal investigators are preferred – one technical expert and one clinical expert

Funding Cycle Timeline

Evaluation Criteria

Technologies are evaluated based on the probability of future commercial success and the following criteria:

  • Validity of unmet clinical need
  • Competitive landscape
  • Current and future market dynamics
  • Strength and nature of intellectual property
  • Addressability of regulatory risk
  • Nature of reimbursement landscape
  • High probability of attracting follow-on funding within 2-3 years of receiving an award

Email Biolocity@nullgatech.edu with any questions regarding the application process.