Our internship program is designed to provide relevant experience and develop aspiring health technology professionals’ ability to assess market potential for early-stage technologies. Each funding cycle, we select interns for a 5-month period. This cycle our internship will occur from early January until mid-June. Interns will be selected on a rolling basis from October through mid-December. The estimated time commitment for each intern is a maximum of 10 hours per week.

What we do

One of the key aspects of the Biolocity internship program is the in-depth market diligence performed for each project. Using industry best practices & venture capital methodology, we systematically identify the commercial potential and the most likely commercialization model associated with these opportunities. Once projects are selected, we facilitate their achievement of commercially relevant milestones. These efforts increase and accelerate the commercialization of the technologies.


Under the guidance and mentorship of the Biolocity team, interns generate market assessment reports (both preliminary and higher detail as the evaluations progress) and draft project plans for funded proposals in preparation for a July launch.

In this immersive experience, interns will learn to:

  • Validate clinical unmet needs
  • Identify and formulate technology value propositions
  • Create interview guides and conduct primary market interviews
  • Perform top-down and bottom-up market sizing
  • Assess competitive landscapes
  • Determine the strategic positioning of early-stage technologies
  • Identify key risks related to commercialization
  • Write for scientifically literate business audience


  • Opportunity to assess a variety of medical technologies (Diagnostic, Therapeutics, Medical Devices, Digital Health, etc.)
  • Interact & learn from seasoned professionals- VCs, Angel Investors, Industry Professionals, and Entrepreneurs
  • Get to know the Metro Atlanta Life Sciences community

Interested in becoming an intern?

Contact John Nicosia, Associate Director of Biolocity, at john.nicosia@nullbme.gatech.edu.

2024 Biolocity Interns

Oluwagbemisola Aderibigbe – Ph.D. Candidate, Georgia Tech and Emory BME

Oluwagbemisola “Gbemi” Aderibigbe is a Ph.D. candidate in the Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering at Georgia Tech and Emory University. Her research project is focused on understanding and identifying molecular mechanisms that occur in the brain following pediatric brain injury. She holds an M.S. degree in Biomedical Engineering from Georgia Tech/Emory University and a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of South Florida where she was involved in various leadership, research, and community engagements. She is very passionate about advancing healthcare to improve patient outcomes. Through her expertise in research and her training in technology management, her goal is to assist in the commercialization and product management of biotechnology and biopharmaceutical products, so they can get to the patients who need them.

Shibley Ali – MBID Candidate, Georgia Tech

Shibley is currently pursuing his Master’s in the Biomedical Innovation and Development program at Georgia Tech. He completed his undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering at the Hashemite University of Jordan. He is interested in the commercialization aspect of medical devices and the translation of research to market, where he strives to bridge the gap between innovation and practical healthcare solutions. Outside of class, he enjoys baking and trying out new dessert recipes.

Mallika Halder – Ph.D. Candidate, Emory Neuroscience

Mallika Halder, an Innovation Consulting Fellow at The Hatchery and Ph.D. candidate in Neuroscience at Emory University, exemplifies a blend of academic excellence, innovation, and leadership. She has enhanced biotech opportunities for Ph.D. graduates at Emory, leading the “STEM-Sync” event at the Hatchery to bridge Emory Ph.D. and MBA candidates with Atlanta biotech startups. Mallika has contributed significantly to her field, developing a novel lab technique resulting in several NIH grants, 4 publications, and opportunities to present her research on autonomic neuroscience internationally. Committed to scientific literacy and community engagement, designed STEM lesson plans for local schools, also advocating for diversity and inclusion as co-founder of a DEI Committee and President of Graduates in Neuroscience. When she is not at the lab or the Hatchery, she is probably skateboarding on the Beltline, aquascaping, or attempting to cultivate a mushroom garden.

Alishah Lakhani – Ph.D. Candidate, Emory Neuroscience

Alishah Lakhani is a fifth-year Neuroscience PhD student at Emory University. Her diverse skill set, which includes research, consulting projects, and DEI initiatives, has fueled her passion for the life sciences and biomedical industry. She is excited to apply her knowledge, further develop her skills, and connect with like-minded individuals during this Biolocity internship—a dynamic opportunity at the intersection of academia and biotechnology.

Luis Javier Bermudez Lopez – MBID Candidate, Georgia Tech

Luis is a biomedical engineer with a diverse skill set and a keen interest in leveraging business acumen to drive innovation in the healthcare industry. He is multilingual in four languages and an effective cross-cultural communicator. Luis is adaptable and has strong leadership and problem-solving abilities.

Pramod Misra – M.S. Candidate, Georgia Tech Computer Science

Pramod Misra is currently pursuing his masters in CS from Georgia Tech. He has also built his start-up, Unifi.ai, on contract analytics. He has over 20 years of professional experience in data science/machine learning/analytics with Vodafone, Novartis, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, and other leading companies.

Jacob Rayyan – Ph.D. Candidate, Georgia Tech and Emory BME

Jacob is a current third year Biomedical Engineering PhD student. He has done due diligence for multiple Angel/VC organizations in the past. Jacob wishes to pursue a career in VC primarily performing due diligence on early-stage Biotech start-ups in the Seed-Series B stage.

Benjamin Siciliano – Ph.D. Candidate, Emory Molecular and Systems Pharmacology

Benjamin Siciliano, a graduate of Bucknell University with a BS in Biology, is currently pursuing a PhD in Molecular & Systems Pharmacology at Emory University. His dissertation research focuses on identifying neuropsychiatric drug targets and mechanisms in hiPSC-derived neural cells, with emphasis on depressive and neurodegenerative disorders. Motivated by a keen interest in biomedical technology transfer and pharmaceutical business development, Benjamin has actively contributed to impactful projects with the Emory Patent Group and the Emory Biotech Consulting Club. His dedication to advancing biotechnology translation now extends to his work with Biolocity.

Sophie Yount – Ph.D. Candidate, Emory Molecular and Systems Pharmacology

Sophie Yount is a graduate student in Molecular and Systems Pharmacology at Emory University. Her current research aims to dissect molecularly defined neuron populations that contribute to decision-making. Her findings could shed light on innate learning systems that are “hijacked” by drug abuse. During her time as graduate student, Sophie has also gained experience as a contract medical writer and licensing associate intern. She is eager to leverage her scientific background and passion for healthcare to contribute to innovation and growth within the medical biotechnology industry.

2023 Biolocity Interns

Ashi Awasthi

Ashi Awasthi is a graduate student in the Master of Biomedical Innovation and Development program at Georgia Tech, and plans to go into consulting or product engineering after graduation. Her time as an undergraduate has given her experience in the technical aspects of the biodesign process. Ashi looks forward to learning more about the commercialization of medical technologies to develop a more well-rounded perspective on the medial device life cycle.

Hyoann Choi

Hyoann Choi is a market research intern at Biolocity and a Ph.D student in Biological Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Engineering from Cornell University, Hyoann developed a passion for medical devices, health data analysis for personalized medicine, and digital health. As an entrepreneurial-minded scientist, Hyoann has also gained valuable experience in market research, consulting, and pitching business ideas. With a desire to bring medical innovations to those in need and a vision to see more healthy energy circulate around the world, Hyoann is excited to continue learning and growing as a market research intern at Biolocity.

Satheesh Harikrishnan, PhD

Satheesh Kumar Harikrishnan is a Post-Doc/Research Engineer I in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Georgia Tech. His current research focuses on design and development of 3D printed heart valves and Transcatheter heart valve testing. Along with heart valve engineering, he is passionate about medical technology translation and biomedical policy.

Alice Kang, PhD

Alice Kang is a post-doctoral researcher in Psychology at the Georgia Institute of Technology and received her doctorate in Gerontology from the University of Southern California. She is interested in investigating healthcare demand dynamics among population groups, primarily how the diffusion and commercialization of emerging technologies in the industry can address the existing yet unmet demand in the healthcare market.

Cameron Poulsen

Cameron Poulsen is currently an MBID candidate at the Georgia Institute of Technology. She received her Bachelor’s of Science in Biomedical Engineering with a minor in mathematics from the University of Iowa. Cameron has experience in rapid prototyping, user need discovery, patent applications, research, and her interests lie in biomedical product development, innovation, and commercialization. 

Anushka Shinde

Anushka Shinde is a graduate student in the MS in Biomedical Engineering program at Georgia Tech. Everyday a lot of ground-breaking research takes place in the field of human medicine but often, it doesn’t reach the public or those in need. Anushka is interested in working with Biolocity to take a step further in addressing this problem while equipping her with the skills I need. She is also a nature enthusiast and is most relaxed on a hike or at a safari through the jungle.

Anthony Wang

Anthony Wang is a fourth-year undergraduate studying Biology and Computer Science at the Emory College of Arts and Sciences. He spent the past summer as an intern at ClearView Healthcare Partners (fell in love with Boston!) and worked on a vaccine revenue forecast project. He has also been involved with the Emory Biotech Consulting Club, where his team produced an opportunity assessment for a urethral bulking device.

Derek West, MD

Derek West is a board-certified interventional radiologist and clinical researcher.  He has been a very active leader in several national organizations, including the Society of Interventional radiology, American Board of Radiology, the American College of Radiology. He has been a reviewer of numerous clinical medical journals   His research interests include chemotherapeutic nanoparticle delivery, radiogenomics, clinical electroporation, and health care equity. In his free time, Derek likes to spend time with his family, read and write, and is an avid bicyclist and skier.