The Biolocity internship program is designed to provide aspiring health technology professionals with the ability to assess market potential for early-stage technologies. Interns are trained to assist in healthcare technology assessment, including market assessment, competitive analysis, as well as identification of key market and product development risks that should be addressed for commercialization translation success.

  • Interns are selected in late fall and on-boarded in early January
  • The internship period runs from January through May
  • Estimated time commitment is a maximum of 10 hours per week

Our next call for applications will begin in November 2021.  

Training Received

Under the guidance and mentorship of the Biolocity team, interns generate market assessment reports (both preliminary and higher detail as the evaluations progress) and draft project plans for funded proposals. At the start of the internship period, students will receive a half-day training on technology assessment. Every week thereafter, interns meet with their Biolocity adviser to discuss the technologies they are assessing. These weekly feedback sessions are an opportunity to share findings, ask questions, and better understand how factors such as regulatory, reimbursement, competition, and clinical adoption impact commercialization.

In this immersive experience, interns will learn to:

  • Validate clinical unmet needs
  • Identify and formulate technology value propositions
  • Create interview guides and conduct primary market interviews
  • Perform top-down and bottom-up market sizing
  • Assess competitive landscapes
  • Determine the strategic positioning of early-stage technologies

Email with any questions.