Five research innovations from Emory University and Georgia Tech selected for Biolocity Launch.

The Biolocity team is excited to announce the faculty-lead innovations selected to participate in the newest cohort of Biolocity Launch! In addition to receiving funding to support commercialization milestones, awardees join a year-long collaboration with consultants and business advisors for project management and longitudinal coaching to accelerate the development of their patient-impacting technologies.

Each year, Biolocity opens an intensive, multi-stage application process that provides applicants with the opportunity to receive pitch coaching, market assessments, and competitive analysis needed for commercial success. Faculty work with entrepreneur advisors to de-risk their technology at each application stage before final acceptance into the program by an oversight committee comprised of venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, clinicians, biomedical engineers, and university technology transfer experts.

Below are the select projects included in this year’s cohort:

  1. Dynamic Sampling Platform: This platform technology aims to provide simple, accurate, and low-cost quality monitoring for cell therapy bioreactors. Principal Investigators: Andrei Fedorov, PhD, Georgia Tech, Edwin Horwitz, MD, Emory University, and Mason Chilmonczyk, PhD, Georgia Tech.
  2. Focused Cryo: A cryoablation system designed to aid in targeting peripheral nerves in a highly precise manner. The platform has applications in metabolic syndromes, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and chronic pain. Principal Investigators: David Prologo, MD, FSIR, Emory University.
  3. NanoCliq: A vaccine technology that leverages protein nanoparticle platform to prevent the onset of Leishmaniasis, a fatal disease that currently has no vaccine available. Principal Investigator: M.G. Finn, PhD, Georgia Tech.
  4. New Therapeutic for Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD): The development of an LRH-1 agonist drug which increases innate steroid production specifically at the site of inflammation in the gut. Principal Investigators: Nathan Jui, PhD, Emory University, Eric Ortlund, PhD, Emory University, and John Calvert, PhD, Emory University.
  5. Twice Therapeutics: A two-step method that can deliver long-lasting gene therapies to diseased tissues without re-engineering viruses. Principal Investigators: James Dahlman, PhD, Georgia Tech and Eric Sorscher, MD, Emory University

“We are fortunate in this current climate to continue to be able to provide funding that will assist the commercialization of these promising technologies,” says Manuel Kingsley, interim director of the Biolocity Program. “While research may look different this year, the passion these innovators have for improving healthcare delivery is unwavering as is our team’s commitment to their advancement. We look forward to working with each awardee to support their technology development.”

Funding and commercialization support provided by Biolocity is used to bridge the gap in development between early-stage university research and its path to the market. If you are interested in commercialization guidance for a device, therapeutic, or platform technology with the ability to positively impact human health, schedule a meeting here.

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